Speakers Information

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Speakers must upload and validate their presentations online prior to the Congress or during the Congress in the Media Check (located in the CubeClub behind the lecture rooms A1-8 on level 1).

You will receive an invitation with an access code to upload your presentation online by the end of May with further information. If your session is a short paper session the upload prior to the congress is mandatory.

Media Check

In case you are not able to upload your presentation beforehand or you would like to change it please submit the PowerPoint or PDF file (on USB flash drive or CD-Rom) in the Media Check no later than 2 hours before the start of your session. You will need your access code to hand-in or change your presentation also during the Congress!

Opening Hours Media Check

Monday, 17 June 08:00-19:30
Tuesday, 18 June 07:00-19:00
Wednesday, 19 June 06:30-19:00
Thursday, 20 June 06:30-19:00
Friday, 21 June 06:30-16:30

Speakers will find MS Windows 10 computers in the Media Check to load and check their slides. All computers will have PowerPoint 2016 and Adobe Reader installed. The technical team will be at your disposal to help you in Media Check.

Procedures in the lecture halls

There is no need to bring your laptop to the lecture hall, since it is not allowed to use it for presentation. Your presentation will be sent through the computer network from the Media Check directly to the lecture hall. A technician is available in the lecture hall and will start your presentation.

All speakers are asked to take a seat in the front row. The lectern is equipped with a fixed microphone. At the end of your presentation you are requested to take a mobile microphone and to leave the lectern to answer the questions from the audience. The next speaker is asked to enter the stage already now to meet the time schedule.

All presentations in room A6-7 will be filmed and live-streamed on the Internet – therefore the speakers need to agree to the recording during the uploading process of the presentation.

Format and Structure of your Presentation

The Scientific Committee recommends:

  1. Standard Paper Presentation: 15 slides
  2. Short Paper Presentation (3 minutes): 5 slides, ideally no videos
  3. Invited Presentations: Number of slides depends on the individual presentation time

It is mandatory to include your financial disclosure statement in your presentation. During the upload process you have to state your conflicts of interest which will be automatically shown at the beginning of your presentation. The financial disclosure slide should give information about your relation to companies (consultant, royalties, financial support, grant) and how this affects your paper/presentation. Example slide available here.


  • The projection will be in 16:9 format so please be aware that your presentation will show black bars if you are using another presentation format.
  • Presentations in PowerPoint and PDF format will be accepted. All computers will have PowerPoint 2016 and Adobe Reader installed. If you have created your PowerPoint presentation with a Mac, be aware that it will be projected from a PC. We recommend that you first test your presentation on a Windows PC. If you created your presentation using Apple Keynote, please save it as a PDF or as a PowerPoint presentation. For presentations created in Office for Mac PowerPoint 2004, be sure to add the extension ppt at the end of your file (for example – mypresentation.ppt).
  • Presentations using non-standard Windows 10 or Office 2016 fonts should be saved with embedded fonts. Linked videos should be saved as an extra file to the same location as the PowerPoint file. Please use standard Windows 10 codecs to create those videos.
  • To avoid problems with display fonts, please only use fonts common to both platforms (Arial, Courier, Courier New, Geneva, Georgia, Helvetica, Times, Times New Roman).
  • Most modern video formats are supported, for example all standards (*.wmv, *.mpg, *.avi) that can be played from standard MS Windows 10 installed computers with Windows Media Player. Additionally, MOV, DivX, MPEG-4 und H.264 video formats can be played, too. Please upload any video files in addition to your PowerPoint presentation in the Media Check.
  • On the laptop on the lectern you will see exactly what is shown on the big screen (cloned screen mode). Presenter View is not possible, but you can have your speaker notes printed out in the media check.
  • No file size limit is imposed.

The duration of your presentation will be shown on the screen and is visible for the audience.

Kindly follow the instructions of the chairpersons and please strictly keep to the time limit of your presentation!

Online Programme

Due to the reason that it is a paperless meeting there will be no printed Congress Programme. Please find all your contributions in the online-timetable (just search for your name via the “Search” tab)

Please check your details, which appear in the Congress Programme. You may change your address, add a vita and upload a photo in the online timetable via the tab PROFILE. You received the personal login details (Web-ID and password) by mail.